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Low voltage equipment

Safety locks are low-voltage
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1.01 KZT
Safety locks are low-voltage are intended for protection of power transformers, air and cable lines, and also tension transformers in networks of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50-60 Hz with a rated voltage from 3 to 35 kV on currents from 2 to 160 And. A climatic modification...
Group: Safety fuses, low-voltage
The equipment is the low-voltage, low-voltage equipmen
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ShchO-06, PR11, ShR11 panels, guards of lighting OShchV-6, boxes of management of YaUO, Ya 5000, RUSM 5100, RUSM 5400, station of cathodic protection of PTM(D), BUESKN, BUShK-2M, BNG control units, cases of management of PUSK-ZM, ShUN, ShUENG, ShUVN, OPTIMAD, VNA-10 switch, safety locks, RV, RDZ...
Group: Low-voltage equipment


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